Top 5 Best Gaming and Streaming Mic For PC

Top 5 Gaming and Streaming Mic Specifications

Top 5 Gaming and Streaming Mic For PC

Hello Everyone, Best Gaming, And Streaming Mic, and I have to come on this because of having a bad voice in the game if you use the default mic because everyone knows that normal headphones don’t you a good mic. and for steaming, you must have a Mic. After all, if you don’t have that, you will not provide good audio to your audience. It really matters to have to go mic if you are streaming anything like Streaming a game or doing a podcast, or any type of show online or offline you need to mic. Today I will tell the Top 5 Gaming and Steaming Mic For PC, which will give you a good experience in terms of audio if you are streaming anything. So here we are with the Top 5 Professional Mic For Gamers and streamers.

Top 5 Professional / Streaming Mic For PC

This is the list below of the Top 5 Gaming and Streaming Mic For PC, which I personally recommend you try once in your life if you are planning a strat you streaming carrier in your life if you pick one. You don’t need any expensive mic for streaming. All mic I mention below has the best audio-capturing feature to give a better experience to your audience.

  1. Elgato Wave 3 Premium
  2. HyperX QuadCast RGB
  3. HyperX SoloCast
  4. Blue Yeti
  5. Razer Seiren Mini

So these are mics you must have if you are streaming. I will tell you everything about these mics in detail with its feature and price, and everything that you want to see In thing so scroll down and read and understand if it is fit for you steaming and if its fit for your streaming, then I will recommend you don’t look around these are only Top 5 Gaming and Streaming Mic For PC.

Top 5 Gaming and Streaming Mic Specifications

  • Elgato Wave 3 Premium

So the brand name you can clearly see that it’s Elgato, and you must have this brand here if you are game, right? So this is an Elgato premium Mic for gaming and streaming. This is a USB Condensor mic, and it comes up with a unidirectional microphone with a digital mixing solution and anti-clipping technology. It supports 24bit and 96KHz analog to digital converters if we talk. The piece for Elgato wave 3 Premium is Rs16,999. This is a proper professional podcast mic that you can use if you are streaming if you have this, then you need nothing. After buying this Elgato Wave 3 Premium Mic For Streaming, you will definitely be stratified.

  • HyperX QuadCast RGB

this is a HyperX QuadCast Gaming and streaming mic, and it is supported on PC Mac PS4 So you can use it with any of the devices. It has RGB light for good ambiance around you, and the noise level is 44db, and also it has a tap-to-mute sensor with an LED indicator button. It also has gain control adjustment so that you can control it easily. this one is my favorite mic in terms of look and audio quality. This mic literally has many streams is using right now and has millions of subscribers in its channel, and if we talk about the price of  HyperX QuadCast Gaming and streaming mic is Rs15,419, so if you have around 15k budget, then you can go for this mic.

  • HyperX SoloCast Mic

So this is a Hyperx SoloCast Mic. This is one of the best which I have always wanted in life if I want to start my streaming career; this is one of the finest mics HyperX SoloCast mic comes up with plug and play microphone and easy tap-to-mute sensors with a led status indicator, and it also flexible and comes up with a stand so that you can place it easily in a plane surface. This Hyperx SoloCast mic supports PS4, Mac, and PC as well. 74DB is the sound level, and if we talk about the price of the HyperX SoloCast Mic is Rs8313.

  • Blue Yeti Mic for PC

Again Blue Yeti Mic is a USB Mic, and you use it for streaming, recording, or doing podcasts on your mac or your windows laptop or PC. This mic has no latency monitoring with adjustable mic gain. It also has a vocal effect and also an onboard Audio quality. It also has 4 different modes of capturing audio which allows you to record audio from 4 different directions, also same as all east Tap to Mute button, and if we talk about the price of the Blue Yeti Mic for Streaming and Gaming is Rs10,995 only you can easily buy it from amazon it can easily deliver to your doorstep.

  • Razer Seiren Mini mic for gaming and Streaming 

So this Razer Seiren Mini Mic is for a gamer or a new content creator or streamer. This is the cheapest mic in terms of price, and the price for this Razer Seiren Mini is only Rs3699. If we talk about features, it is amazing at this price range. It has ultra-precise sound, it is very compact and portable, and it gives you professional recording quality, and this is also a Plug and plays USB mic for a PC. If you are a beginner, I recommend you go for this complete package of having a professional mic at a low price.


So I have mentioned the Top 5 Best Streaming Mic For PC, Mac And PS4 completely spend on your budget and touched almost a small range to a high range. You can pick one of them all, then it is the best in the price range, but from my side, I recommend you go for HyperX QuadCast RGB. This is the really best mic I have seen in a range of under Rs20000. Once again, thanks for reading this article. If you like it, please leave a comment and in case you need any suggestions, scroll down a little bit and comment there. I will be really glad to help you out there. 

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