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Latest Update On Victim Game On Jan 2023

Victim Game Patch Notes 1.4.4 Update – Jan 2023 Steam

Here is one more interesting game. Get the latest Big Patch Update Victim Game On Steam on 31-Jan-2023. Patch Version 1.4.4, where they have fixed graphics, also adjusted many things. So here we are telling you everything about this latest Update on Victim Patch Notes 1.4.4 so you will also see if you are facing the same issue or if you see your Victim game get better than before. It is a very popular game across the country. Many gamers enjoy this game, and from time to time, we always see different changes in your game, like improving performance and making graphics better than before, also adding more features so that players navigate easily in their game. They also add different modes so that users have more fun than before.

Victim Patch Notes Update 1.4.4 in 31st Jan 2023 On Steam

Here we will provide you with all the Updates released on Victim Game On Steam Community. You can also see that the Steam community has also said about this latest patch. So without wasting time, let’s get started with the Latest Victim Patch Notes Update 1.4.4.

In-Game Changes Update

  • Now You Deavtivate Your POD Drone
  •  Much Different Game Sound have been Added As Well
  •  The Made An Adjustment On The First Chamber Rooms Timed To Go Along With Their Design Changes

File Changes Update

  • Added Graphics
  •  Added Sound
  •  Modified Victim.exe Game
  •  Modified Background
  •  Modified Spirit
  •  Modified Scene
  •  Modified Tileset
  •  Modified Manifest File
  •  Modified Behaviour.mbs
  •  Modified Game.mbs

So these are both the In Game Update and file update of the Victim game, which you see when you install the Victim game on your PC. If you want to download Victim game For PC, you must open your steam Account. You can search for the Victim game and download it on your PC. you can also check this out from the Steam Community as well.