How To Download Valorant Game For PC Free

How To Download Valorant Game For PC Free

Easiest Way To Download Valorant Game For PC

Hello Guys, In this I will tell you everything about valorant and then I will tell you how to download the valorant game for PC. I will provide you with a complete story about valorant So this is FPS Game you can see different guns and many maps and 5 people can play together. yes, but if you were alone or double you can enjoy this game. this game has changed the life of many gamers across the county they have millions of players and very soon they are also going to launch Valorant Mobile as well not much information about valorant mobile, yes we talking about the valorant PC game. so can download the valorant game directly through riot as well as the valorant official website you can play this game on a PC or Laptop anywhere it needs and a little good specification of your device for good performance while you playing this game. let’s start with the most awaited thing how you can easily download valorant in PC.

How To Download Valorant Game for PC 

I will tell you very simple steps to download the Valorant game you just need to follow it and bang on you will successfully download this game on your PC or laptop.

  • Method 1 To Download Valorant for pc

So you need to visit HTTP:// and then you need to click on make one so that you can create your account. as well as fill in the required information and then click on continue or you can just sign up with your Gmail id as well so you have both options either you will it or just connect it with google and continue. so it will signup for you to make your account then you can see on your screen a download button there you have to click on. it will start downloading it takes 5 min to download the setup after that you can Install valorant on your Pc.

  • Method 2 To Download Valorant For PC

If Riot Client Services is already installed on your device then you just need to open Riot client services. and then you type in the search valorant then you just have to hit on the download button so it will start downloading for you and after installing you can play.

So these are two methods I have given you to download valorant. I will recommend kindly going with the first option because for me the first one is the easiest method for me as well. when I was looking to download and after you download this game you need to click on install. then it will more time and more internet data to install approx 24GB it takes to completely install in your device.

More About Valorant Game For PC 

this is a game where you see lots of graphics used and millions of people are crazy about this game so that they can reach a maximum rank I must I have played this for a year but still won’t be able to reach the maximum. Valorant also keeps making this harder and harder for us by doing little few changes on agents and guns as well they also keep bringing new maps and new agents as well with a good meta so that we can use it in an effective way in-game. They also work very hard for hackers as well they usually take really quick action on hackers by instantly banning them from the game their report option is very strong and very affection full that’s many people are still playing this game because of hacker freeness I must I have been playing this game since very long time and I have only received on 1 hacker who came in a match and he just got banned after 4th round so that is amazing although we don’t get points nor we don’t get any – point in the game but still that is really great they keep improving their security patches so that hacker won’t be able to ruin your game.

Ingame Quick Details about valorant game 

  • Guns Used in Valorant Game 

If you look at guns so there are 17 guns available in this game and you can purchase them according to your credits if you want to buy Sherrif then you need to spend 800 credits and for vandle, you need 2900 credits so the one question remains how will get credits for valorant so when you match to start at first round you will get 800 creds after that round if you win you will get more credits as compared to your opponent vice versa. 

  • Agents Used in Valorant Game 

So there are 20 playable agents you will see in your game you can pick one agent for your entire match and trust me each agent has a different meta and ability to defend your opponent but at the very beginning, you will see only 5 agents are unlocked for you so when you start to play and you kept play then start unlocking more no of agents in your game. so the simple logic to unlock your agent to play is the more no matches you play the more no agents you unlock.

  • Maps On Valorant Game 

there are currently 8 maps in the valorant game where you play one map is currently out to options so you will get all the maps except one map split so what do when you start your game then you will get a map randomly among all the maps except the split map and if you want to play a particular map then there is only one option you will a custom roon from there you can only play on your favorite map.

Although I have given you a very short detail about valorant this is just 10% of thing I have said here this is more than that if you want a specific detail so I will also gonna provide you with all the in-depth detail about this game but if you are the new first thing that you to do is to download Valorant game and play for some and understand the meta of the game.


Thanks for reading this post if you need more help then tell me in the comment box I will defiantly gonna help you but this post is to download the valorant game for PC after this I will also make sure that you get to know more about this game like what’s the new update in this game and all the in-depth detail about this game and I promise you that I will be very frequent providing you Latest Update of valorant game and many more things like about their store balckmarket battle pass any buff in agents everything in detail I will provide you so stay tuned with us for more info.

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