Download Among US Latest Version For PC Free

Download Among US Latest Version For PC Free

Latest Version Among US For PC Free

It is a really interesting game AmongUS. I will tell you how to download Among US For PC Free Latest Version. Among us is a game that many friends can play together. Live every game. It would be best if you had IQ as well. In the US game is based on finding the culprit. What happened in the game? You and your friend have been in the same spaceship. Everyone has different roles, like Imposter, Crewmate, Nice guesser, Evil Gusser, Sherif, Vulture, Warlock, Medic, Lawyer, Detective, and Hacker, Depending upon how many players are playing in a lobby, and everyone gets a role. They don’t have to disclose it until you won’t game. For the best experience in the game, I will recommend you guys to play this game if you all guys have one so that when you do a meeting, or you report a dead body, you all guys discuss where you can kill this person and based on the conversation you all take a majority of votes to element the player who even became imposter. Also, If an imposter has to win the game, he has to kill as many people as possible. If crewmates want to win, they must complete the mission immediately without getting knifed or shot by an imposter. Even if they have died, then you suppose to do all your mission so that your alive crewmates can win the game. So this is all about the Among US game. 

Download Among US Latest Version 2022.03.29 For PC Free

Among US is not a free game you need to buy from Steam. It will cost only $2 for the stem. Very ready to download and install on your PC. You need to install Steam and create your account on it, and you just need to search among the US, then click on purchase and make payment. After that, it will automatically be added to your team account. Then you need to download it on a steam engine. After that, you can play Among US on your PC.

If you want to invest early in this game, I also have one other option for you to Download Among US on PC For free. There is a website platform that provides a virtual platform for you by using that Browser; you can only play among us there. There is no need to download it. You can directly play this game on your Browser. Below I have added the button so you can play and Download AmongUS For PC Free.

Latest Roles in Amoung US game For PC

This game became so wide and popular that even big beast YouTubers also played among us games and amounted to moded versions. At the beginning of this game, there are only three roles: imposter, Crewmate, and engineer. Now, this is so wind; so many different roles have been added, and all of the roles are very interesting. Every role has a different ability to make this game more complex. So Lest check all the New Roles in AmongUS’ Latest Version.

  • Imposter
  • Vulture
  • Shape Shifter 
  • Warlock
  • Evil Gusser 
  • Mayor
  • Lawyer 
  • Snitch
  • Nice gusser 
  • sherif 
  • Medic 
  • Hacker
  • Detective 
  • Engineer

So these are the new roles found on among us game. You cannot pick roles for yourself or anyone. It is very random, and you will get any of them in a match; you will not get the same role every time. It might happen that you will get some role 2 or 3 times in a row, but this is also based on your luck. 

Latest Updated on Among US Game Released 

In total, we found six updated last year on Among US. There is a high chance that they will also change the game among us.

  1. v2022.03.29 – The friend List has been updated 
  2. v2021.12.16 – Latest Version and bug fixes 
  3. v2021.11.09 – New Roles were added  
  4. v2021.07.20 – More no player can Play at a time 
  5. v2021.06.30 – Bug Fixes 
  6. v2021.06.15 – Introduction to New 15 Player Mode 

So these are all six versions of the Among us game we saw last year. I will explain all the updates as well. You can also see that. To get the best experience of this game, you need to purchase it and also if you can’t afford this game so I have given you two solutions one, you can play on your browser, and the second option is to download an emulator on your PC and download Among US from playstore and then play.

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  1. This is a really intresting game and your article as well. Thanks for giving the information about among US.

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