Top 5 Gaming Mouse For PC and Mac

Top 5 Gaming Mouse For PC/Mac 

Hello, Guys So. Today, I will tell you the most Amazing Top 5 Gaming Mouse, which are really insane in terms of performance or in terms of built quality and responses. If you want to use these mice, you can easily purchase them from Amazon, and they will come under 9000 to 1600. These are really the best mouse I have ever used in my entire life. I will tell you everything about these products so that if you are planning to buy a mouse, you will have to go for the best in your Budget that’s I have to Choose a product range from 12000 to 1600 so that anyone can buy Gaming Mouse. So without wasting time, I will tell you about the product of the Top 5 Gaming Mouse For PC Gamers.

Best Gaming Mouse For PC Gamers

This is the list below of the TOP 5 GAMING MOUSE, which I personally recommend you try once in your life for FPS gaming or any gaming for a better and smooth experience.

  1. Glorious PC Gaming Race Model USB D Wireless Gaming Mouse – RGB 63g Light Weight Ergonomic Wireless Gaming Mouse 
  2. Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse 
  3. HyperX Pulsefire Rapid RGB USB 2.0 Gaming Mouse With Optical DPI Adjustment Omron Switch For Gamers
  4. Logitech G502 Wired Gaming Mouse with Hero 25k Sensor 
  5. Razer DeathAdder Essential White Edition – 6400 DPI Ergonomic Wired Gaming Mouse 

In the above list, you can see a wired Gaming Mouse and a Wireless Gaming Mouse, so many people who want to have wired or wireless can pick anything. Both of them are on the list, but my opinion is to use a wired mouse. This is what I like, but the choice is yours. I have used all of them, and they are insane in performance, built quality, and everything you will love while using any of them.  It will take some days to grip your hand, but trust me, once you adapt it, you will be crazy. 

Top 5 Gaming Mouse Features and Specifications 

  • Glorious PC Gaming Race Model USB D Wireless Gaming Mouse

The brand Name is Glorious, and it is a wireless mouse. This mouse is really very flexible because many of you see the wireless mouse, but when the battery is down, you need to replace the battery. You won’t be able to use it, but in this, you can easily connect a C-type cable and play it while your Mouse battery goes down, so it is wireless and a compatible feature to plug and play. And if you have shared your mouse 100%, it will give you 70 hours of backup, which is really impressive. It comes with 12000 DPI. The most amazing thing about the Glorious PC Gaming Race Model USB D Wireless Gaming Mouse is this very lightweight mouse, only 69g is the mouse weight, and it also has RGB light on its mouse very smooth but a little bit expensive.

  • Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

This is the Ultra Fast razer Hyperspeed Wireless gaming mouse, and it comes with 16000DPI. It has an ultra-long life battery which provides you with 280 to 450 hours of battery life. It has 6 programmable buttons; you can customize it to your choice. The most amazing thing about this product is it has a mechanical switch. You do not need to worry about the buttons on this mouse. Also, it has a 5G advanced optical sensor which will give you a high performance in gaming. 

  • HyperX Pulsefire Rapid RGB USB 2.0 Gaming Mouse 

this is a very simple gaming mouse in terms of design, but the build quality is very good. This is a wired gaming mouse and comes with 16000 DPI also; this is a lightweight gaming mouse weight for this mouse is 95g. this mouse has 11 programmable buttons, same here; you can customize it in your own way. The maximum speed of the mouse is 450IPS, and this is also an Ergonomic mouse. Also, it has a Premium Pixart 3389 sensor.

  • Logitech G502 Wired Gaming Mouse

This one is my favorite mouse with amazing design and built quality. Also, the amazing buttons are very smooth. I literally felt the difference from the normal mouse by using this mouse. Now I am addicted to this. I have used this mouse for 2 years with no change in features. This is a 25,600 DPI gaming mouse, and it comes with Hero 25k sensors, which give you high performance when you play or do something else. You will feel the smoothness of this mouse. This is a high-performance gaming ore, and even you can control the weight of the mouse-like. If you want to increase the weight, you can do it, and it also has 11 programmable buttons. You can customize it on your way. This is the most recommended mouse from the side. You can blindly buy it, and the price for Logitech G502 Wired Gaming Mouse is only 3995.

  • Razer DeathAdder Essential

So this is a Razer DeathAdder Essential. It is a 6400DPI wired gaming mouse, and it comes with an optical sensor and only one green light. This is also a high-performance gaming mouse, and if we talk about the price, so really cheap, only 1498rs, but the product quality is very good, and the mouse button is mechanical. I have chosen this in my list because of its price and features. It’s very difficult if you are looking for a good mouse on this budget, so I recommend you guys go for this if you have a small budget and want a good gaming mouse.


Nothing I can say. I would really want you to try the Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse from my side. I recommend you because of my experience, but trust me, all that I mentioned are the 5 Best Gaming mice with amazing features, looks, and performance. You can buy any of them completely, depending on your budget. If anyone fits your budget, you can buy it, and thanks for reading. If it really helps you, please let me know in the comment box down there. 

Top 5 Best Gaming and Streaming Mic For PC

Top 5 Gaming and Streaming Mic For PC

Hello Everyone, Best Gaming, And Streaming Mic, and I have to come on this because of having a bad voice in the game if you use the default mic because everyone knows that normal headphones don’t you a good mic. and for steaming, you must have a Mic. After all, if you don’t have that, you will not provide good audio to your audience. It really matters to have to go mic if you are streaming anything like Streaming a game or doing a podcast, or any type of show online or offline you need to mic. Today I will tell the Top 5 Gaming and Steaming Mic For PC, which will give you a good experience in terms of audio if you are streaming anything. So here we are with the Top 5 Professional Mic For Gamers and streamers.

Top 5 Professional / Streaming Mic For PC

This is the list below of the Top 5 Gaming and Streaming Mic For PC, which I personally recommend you try once in your life if you are planning a strat you streaming carrier in your life if you pick one. You don’t need any expensive mic for streaming. All mic I mention below has the best audio-capturing feature to give a better experience to your audience.

  1. Elgato Wave 3 Premium
  2. HyperX QuadCast RGB
  3. HyperX SoloCast
  4. Blue Yeti
  5. Razer Seiren Mini

So these are mics you must have if you are streaming. I will tell you everything about these mics in detail with its feature and price, and everything that you want to see In thing so scroll down and read and understand if it is fit for you steaming and if its fit for your streaming, then I will recommend you don’t look around these are only Top 5 Gaming and Streaming Mic For PC.

Top 5 Gaming and Streaming Mic Specifications

  • Elgato Wave 3 Premium

So the brand name you can clearly see that it’s Elgato, and you must have this brand here if you are game, right? So this is an Elgato premium Mic for gaming and streaming. This is a USB Condensor mic, and it comes up with a unidirectional microphone with a digital mixing solution and anti-clipping technology. It supports 24bit and 96KHz analog to digital converters if we talk. The piece for Elgato wave 3 Premium is Rs16,999. This is a proper professional podcast mic that you can use if you are streaming if you have this, then you need nothing. After buying this Elgato Wave 3 Premium Mic For Streaming, you will definitely be stratified.

  • HyperX QuadCast RGB

this is a HyperX QuadCast Gaming and streaming mic, and it is supported on PC Mac PS4 So you can use it with any of the devices. It has RGB light for good ambiance around you, and the noise level is 44db, and also it has a tap-to-mute sensor with an LED indicator button. It also has gain control adjustment so that you can control it easily. this one is my favorite mic in terms of look and audio quality. This mic literally has many streams is using right now and has millions of subscribers in its channel, and if we talk about the price of  HyperX QuadCast Gaming and streaming mic is Rs15,419, so if you have around 15k budget, then you can go for this mic.

  • HyperX SoloCast Mic

So this is a Hyperx SoloCast Mic. This is one of the best which I have always wanted in life if I want to start my streaming career; this is one of the finest mics HyperX SoloCast mic comes up with plug and play microphone and easy tap-to-mute sensors with a led status indicator, and it also flexible and comes up with a stand so that you can place it easily in a plane surface. This Hyperx SoloCast mic supports PS4, Mac, and PC as well. 74DB is the sound level, and if we talk about the price of the HyperX SoloCast Mic is Rs8313.

  • Blue Yeti Mic for PC

Again Blue Yeti Mic is a USB Mic, and you use it for streaming, recording, or doing podcasts on your mac or your windows laptop or PC. This mic has no latency monitoring with adjustable mic gain. It also has a vocal effect and also an onboard Audio quality. It also has 4 different modes of capturing audio which allows you to record audio from 4 different directions, also same as all east Tap to Mute button, and if we talk about the price of the Blue Yeti Mic for Streaming and Gaming is Rs10,995 only you can easily buy it from amazon it can easily deliver to your doorstep.

  • Razer Seiren Mini mic for gaming and Streaming 

So this Razer Seiren Mini Mic is for a gamer or a new content creator or streamer. This is the cheapest mic in terms of price, and the price for this Razer Seiren Mini is only Rs3699. If we talk about features, it is amazing at this price range. It has ultra-precise sound, it is very compact and portable, and it gives you professional recording quality, and this is also a Plug and plays USB mic for a PC. If you are a beginner, I recommend you go for this complete package of having a professional mic at a low price.


So I have mentioned the Top 5 Best Streaming Mic For PC, Mac And PS4 completely spend on your budget and touched almost a small range to a high range. You can pick one of them all, then it is the best in the price range, but from my side, I recommend you go for HyperX QuadCast RGB. This is the really best mic I have seen in a range of under Rs20000. Once again, thanks for reading this article. If you like it, please leave a comment and in case you need any suggestions, scroll down a little bit and comment there. I will be really glad to help you out there. 

Top 5 Best AI Tool Content Writing Free 2023

Best Free AI Content Article Writing Tool For Bloggers

AI Tool For Content Writing Free AI tools are becoming increasingly popular for doing content writing. They can help writers create high-quality content faster, more efficiently, and with fewer errors. IT can also be used to optimize content for SEO purposes, which can help businesses rank higher in search engine results. AI tools are becoming increasingly popular among content writers, SEO specialists, and digital marketers. AI tools like ChatGPT can help you create more effective and engaging content in less time. These tools can also help you optimize your content for search engines, making ranking higher easier.
The top 5 AI tools for content writing can make your life easier by taking care of tedious tasks like keyword research, topic generation, article rewriting, and more. With these tools at your disposal, you can focus on the creative aspects of writing while AI takes care of the technical aspects. It will not only save you time but also ensure that you produce high-quality content that is optimized for search engine rankings.

Top 5 Free AI Tool For Content Writing on Website 2023

AI Tool For Content Writing Free Here we will describe all the tools you can use to write an article for your blog post. All these tools make your blog more interesting by providing an SEO-friendly article on your topic with all details which you want to write in your blog post. So down there are the top 5 Blog Post Content Writing AI tools.

1. Rytr.AI Free Article Writing Tool

Ryrt is an article-writing tool that helps you create content for your blog and make it easier to post more than no article on your website. Ryrt is the best AI writing tool that helps you to make your Article SEO-friendly, and it also makes sure that there is no grammatical mistake over. There is also helps you find the best keyword for your Article so that your content will get a good rank in Google. Rytr is a free tool that you can also access. They have a premium version where you generate too long Articles with more than no headings and more than no images, but in the free version, you will limit access to add more no headings—a limited no of words. If you are new to this, first try the free version. If you like, you also buy the premium version to use it more potent and get as many articles as you want on your blog website AI Tool For Content Writing Free.

2. COPY.AI Free Article writting tool

COPY AI is also one of the best tools for writing content for your blog post. it is not a completely free tool. COPY AI provides you free seven days trial so that you can use it. Also, COPY AI doesn’t charge you much for the premium version, so you buy it. The best thing about COPY AI is that they provide more than ten tools for writing an article AI Tool For Content Writing Free.

  • Workflow Tools 
  •  Product Descriptions 
  •  Digital Ad Copy 
  •  Startup Tools 
  •  Website Copy
  •  Blog Tools 
  •  Email/Letter 
  •  Social Media Tools 
  •  Sales Copy 
  •  Writing Tools 
  •  Brainstorming Tools 
  •  Personal Tools

These special tools provided by COPY AI. will help you find the best suitable article writer. For example. If you’re a blogger and you want to write a post, then you have to open the Blog tool, and you have to enter your title keyword and a little bit more information about the post, and then you need to click on generate. After that, COPY AI will generate an article for you which. You need to copy and paste it on your blog website.

3. WriteSonic Free Article writting tool

WriteSonic AI is a Writing tool that helps you write an article on any topic, and it will also help you generate an image for your post. It is also a paid AI article writing tool, and it will charge you according to a word like if you want to write 19 articles of 1000 words, then it will charge you 12.64$. So it cost efficient as well. WriteSonic AI also provides you a template for your article and many different tools which will help you increase the to publish your article and provide you good SEO-friendly article with proper keyword research AI Tool For Content Writing Free.

4. Frase AI Free Article writting tool

Frase AI is a Paid Writing tool that allows you to write an article that is completely plagiarized and SEO-friendly, and also, you will not see any grammatical mistakes. For the 1st month, it will only charge you 1$. After that, you have to pay for a subscription. There are three plans in Frase AI Article Writing tool Solo, Basic, and Team. So you can choose among them which play is suitable for you.
Best recommended plan for Frase AI 45$ Basic Plan. In this play, you will get many things, like you can write and optimize 30 articles in a month. Google Search Console integration and AI Writer 4k words per month as well. It also comes with a WordPress plugin and unlimited doc sharing AI Tool For Content Writing Free.

5. Jasper.AI Free Article writting tool

The best AI writing tool, jasper AI, will provide you with original content that will rank for SEO. also, it can boost your conversation with a better copy. Finish your writing content more than ten times faster. You can also scale up your fast marketing. You make your writing skills faster than your copywriting skill in one document. It will write content in a proper format with good keyword research so that it will easily rank your content on google. The Jasper Premium version is also the best. You will unlock all the advance and best tools. It will increase your article posting ten times faster than before.

How AI Tool Help You To Write SEO-friendly Content

AI Tool For Content Writing Free As AI technology advances, content writers increasingly turn to AI tools to help them create better content. AI tools can assist with tasks such as keyword research, grammar, and spelling check, content optimization for SEO, and more. These tools can help you write better content faster than ever. We’ll also discuss some of the use cases of these tools and how they can be used in different scenarios. So get ready to explore the world of AI-powered content writing!

Your Can easily find your keyword, and all the spelling is correct. Also, it will do a grammar check for your content. By using the Ai tool, you can easily write it in a faster way than before. It will increase your ability to think more and get more results. AI tool is an ocean where you have to know how to get into it. How much you go deep, that much better the result you will see.

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Free Download Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 3 Game

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contract 3 Review and Release Date

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is one of the best gun games that love to use snipers. But still, you won’t be able to Free download Sniper Shost Warrior Contract 3 now no need to worry about it anymore. We tell you exact details about Sniper Shost Warrior Contract 3, like system requirements and the complete download process, so you can easily have it on your PC. it is one of the best games in my game collection, and I love to play Sniper Shost Warrior Contract 3 on my PC.

Free Download Sniper Shost Warrior Contract 3 is a game supported on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Sniper Shost Warrior Contract 3 was released on 25th April 2017. The developer of the Sniper Shost Warrior Contract 3 is CI games. It is a Third-party complete game. This game makes you feel like you are using an accurate sniper. While playing this game, you need accuracy to snipe your enemies. All the equipment is also there, which you can use with your gun. If you like playing other games like an open-world type of game, you must download the latest War Thunder Game For PC.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contract 3 System Requirement

System Requirement is also a significant factor in enjoying the game the way it is. So here we will let you know the minimum and recommended requirements for Sniper Shost Warrior Contract 3. I will recommend you guys. If you have the recommended requirement, go for it and play the game. Also, if you don’t have the recommended requirement, you have the min one. Then also, feel free to change the graphic setting to low. Then you can also play Sniper Shost Warrior Contract 3 lag free.

Minimum RequirementMaximum Requirement
Windows 7 Windows 11
2GB Gaphics Card6GB Graphics Card
CPU i3 ProcessorCPU i5 Processor
GeForce GTX 760 GrpahicsGeForce GTX 1650 Graphics
50GB Hardrive Space More Than 100 GB Hardive Space
Min Requirement And Recommended Requirement For Sniper Shost Warrior Contract 3

Free Download Sniper Ghost Warrior Contract 3 Game For PC

We must tell you all the game details, like system requirements and reviews. Also, if you are here, you must have heard about Sniper Ghost Warrior Contract 3. So to Download Sniper Ghost Warrior Contract 3 Game For PC, click on the download button. After 2 seconds, it will start downloading Sniper Ghost Warrior Contract 3 game on your PC, and if you’re still facing any issues while downloading this game, then you can comment to us we will help you to download Sniper Ghost Warrior Contract 3 game on your PC.

Latest Update On Victim Game On Jan 2023

Victim Game Patch Notes 1.4.4 Update – Jan 2023 Steam

Here is one more interesting game. Get the latest Big Patch Update Victim Game On Steam on 31-Jan-2023. Patch Version 1.4.4, where they have fixed graphics, also adjusted many things. So here we are telling you everything about this latest Update on Victim Patch Notes 1.4.4 so you will also see if you are facing the same issue or if you see your Victim game get better than before. It is a very popular game across the country. Many gamers enjoy this game, and from time to time, we always see different changes in your game, like improving performance and making graphics better than before, also adding more features so that players navigate easily in their game. They also add different modes so that users have more fun than before.

Victim Patch Notes Update 1.4.4 in 31st Jan 2023 On Steam

Here we will provide you with all the Updates released on Victim Game On Steam Community. You can also see that the Steam community has also said about this latest patch. So without wasting time, let’s get started with the Latest Victim Patch Notes Update 1.4.4.

In-Game Changes Update

  • Now You Deavtivate Your POD Drone
  •  Much Different Game Sound have been Added As Well
  •  The Made An Adjustment On The First Chamber Rooms Timed To Go Along With Their Design Changes

File Changes Update

  • Added Graphics
  •  Added Sound
  •  Modified Victim.exe Game
  •  Modified Background
  •  Modified Spirit
  •  Modified Scene
  •  Modified Tileset
  •  Modified Manifest File
  •  Modified Behaviour.mbs
  •  Modified Game.mbs

So these are both the In Game Update and file update of the Victim game, which you see when you install the Victim game on your PC. If you want to download Victim game For PC, you must open your steam Account. You can search for the Victim game and download it on your PC. you can also check this out from the Steam Community as well.

TPM 2.0 Not Working Valorant How to Fix

Valorant Game Error VAN9001 TPM 2.0 Not Working Windows 11

Suppose you are still facing the same issue as me in Valorant TPM 2.0 not working. So now no need to worry about it here. I will tell you every step to fix Valorant TPM Not Working Error on Windows. Nowadays, Valorant is becoming a Big game across the country. Even Valorant Starts Doing His tournaments like VCT. Many players became famous by playing this game and are Best Valorant Player In the World, like SEN TENZ, SK ROSSI, Sinatra, ShahZam, etc.

They have won many big tournaments as well. So There are Millions of Valorant Players, and there is a probability that you might get some error. If you do something change on your PC or Something that Needs to be enabled in your setting to make this game Error Free, we are here going to tell you How To Fix TPM Not Working On Valorant.

How To Fix VAN9001 TPM 2.0 Now Working Valorant PC Game

VAN9001 is a TPM 2.0 Error That you need to fix to open your Valorant game on your PC. Here I will tell you everything step by step. You are to follow the instruction to Fix your TPM 2.0 Valorant Error on Windows 11. Be Careful while Doing This Fix on your System and make it steps by step so that you won’t get any other type of error while doing anything on your Operating System. 

This Build of Vanguard requires TPM Version 2.0 and Secure

boot to be enabled in Order To Play.

How To Fix TPM 2.0 Error On Valorant
  1. Enable your TPM on BIOS

First, You have To Open Your BIOS Setting. To Open Your BIOS, You have to go to your System Setting and click Recovery Setting. Then You Have To click on Advance Startup.

System Setting > Recovery > Advance StartUp

It might Happen You Use Different BIOS like AMD Ryzen or Intel. At first, We will Start With AMD Ryzen, and then we will look into Intel.


In RYZEN BIOS, you have to go to Setting there, and you will see the advanced option. You have to click on it then on the screen, and you will see an AMD CPU fTPM Switch option. Click on It and Choose AMD CPU TPM.


In Intel Saw, You have to Open Your BIOS and then go to advanced settings. You will see an option called Intel Platform Trust Technology (PTT). Click on it and Enable your TPM on Intel. After Enabling this, you also have to Turn On your Secure Boot on your PC.

  1. Turn On Your Secure Boot

To Turn On your Secure Boot, You have to stay on Your BIOS and the Go to Boot Option, and there you will see an option called Secure Boot Setting Open. You will see OS Type go over there and Choose Windows UEFI Mode.

Boot > Secure Boot > Windows UEFI Mode

  1. Save The Setting In BIOS

To Save the setting in BIOS, you must go to the Exit option and select Save Changes and Reset. It will show you all the changes you have made to your BIOS. Then you have to click the ok button. It will restart your PC, and after that Valorant game will start working before opening it on your PC. Confirm whether you have successfully enabled your TPM 2.0 or Not.

Exit > Save Change and Reset > ok

  1. Check You TPM 2.0 Enaled or Not

To check whether TPM 2.0 is Enabled or Not, You have to open your Setting and then open your Device Security and click on Security Processor. You can see whether your TMP Specification Version 2.0 is enabled. Also, Check whether your Secure Boot Option is On or not. If it is, then you can go for it and open your game successfully.

Setting > Device Security > Security Processor > Specication Version 2.0

TPM 2.0 Not Working On Windows 11 TPM 2.0

Above I have told you the method, like if you have Intel or Ryzen processor. You have to follow my instruction Step-by-Step, and if you have done it correctly, your Valorant PC game will start working. You can play your game without getting any error like this Valorant Not Working on Windows 11 TMP 2.0 VAL9001 Error.

Thanks For Reading it also if like to Register On Valorant Mobile Beta Version then you just have to click on the Hperlink How To Register Valorant Mobile Beta Version. If it helps you out, please leave a comment to us, and if you are still unable to find it, we will help you by giving you a specific solution for your error. You have been in touch with us so that we can resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Top 5 Gaming Keyboard For E-Sports Professional Players 2023

Top 5 Gaming Keyboard For E-Sports Players & Gamers For PC in 2023

Hello Guys, So Again I am here with The Top 5 Gaming Keyboards for E-Sports players you can consider professionals or average part-time gamers can also use it all the gaming keyboards are really excellent in terms of build quality and features as well but mainly we focus on build quality and a games know how hard they press while playing so they need the best keyboard with the ultimate built quality and their quick responses while using. I have picked the top 5 gaming keyboard in 2023 which comes under the price range of 25,000 to 8000. so without waiting time we can start by knowing the name and features of all Top 5 Gaming Keyboard For PC.

Top 5 List of Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards in 2023

So Without wasting any time I will tell you the Top 5 Mechanical Keyboard For Gaming but first, I would like to tell you that I have made the list of these top 5 products under the price range so it some products. I haven’t written here but some other gaming keyboards are also there in the market which you can buy but in my opinion, if you have this kind of budget whatever I have mentioned here if you are able to match any price range then defiantly try any product you will definitely gonna love it so here Top 5 Gaming Keyboard for E-Sports Player 2023 are:-

  1. Roccat Vulcan 122 Aimo Mechanical Keyboard
  2. SteelSeries Store Apex 5 Mechanical Keyboard
  3. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Keyboard
  4. Logitech G-pro Mechanical Keyboard
  5. Corsair K60 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

So Above list is the Top 5 Gaming Mechanical Keyboards now I tell you the feature and specifications of all the keyboard one by one so that you can choose according and it will help you classify you product that you like or which fits your demand and also it is fitting with your budget or not and if like like anyone of them please let me know or try once in your I am sure you are gonna used to these keyboards.

Top Gaming Keyboard Features and Specifications 

  • Roccat Vulcan 122 Aimo

This is a Roccat Vulcan 122 Aimo Mechanical Keyboard and comes with RBG lights the weight of this keyboard is 1kg 100g design of this keyboard is very durable and attractive as well. it also has magnetically detachable palm rest with advanced anti-ghosting technology and it has a 1.8m braided cable and very interesting thing about this Roccat Vulcan 122 is it has its own AIMO intelligent lighting engine and if we talk about the price of the Roccat Vulcan 122 is 22,397rs at amazon and 99$ in Roccat official website.

  • SteelSeries Store Apex 5

This is a SteelSeries Store Apex 5 Mechanical Keyboard it is a very premium band we can trust but still, this gaming keyboard comes with an OLED  Smart display in it and SteelSeries take a 20 million key press guarantee same as Roccar will provide you a premium magnetic wrist rest to make you comfortable while using it and personally I want some soft cushion on my palm to support on my keyboard and also I understand many people don’t like it so also don’t need to worry about it you also remove it that’s one of the reasons this keyboard comes Top 5 Gaming Keyboard and if we talk about the price of  SteelSeries Store Apex 5 Mechanical Keyboard is 16,578rs.

  • Corsair K70 RGB MK.2

This is a Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Keyboard this is also a wired keyboard that comes with LED lights this is MX Blue but you can take any version of it like MX brown or MX Red Silent there is a little bit you will see a price difference and the weight of this keyboard is 1kg 25g it also provides 100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover it also has a very durable aluminum frame and if we talk about the price of Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 is 13,799rs.

  • Logitech G-pro 

This is a Logitech G-pro Mechanical Keyboard and this keyboard has a very unique design of ultra-portable tenkeyless design it also has RGB lights. It has a GX Blue Clicky Switch with a detachable cable and complete programmable F-key and it will not sleep and is adjustable as well this is a very professional gaming keyboard that can be used in many ways like if you travel a lot then you literally need this Logitech G-pro Mechanical Keyboard this is very light as compare to other and small in size as well so that you can easily carry as well and if we talk about the price of Logitech G-pro Mechanical Keyboard is 10,445rs.

  • Corsair K60 RGB 

This is a Corsair K60 RGB Mechanical Keyboard so here you can see clearly this is an RGB keyboard I say this is the cheapest keyboard in my list but I will recommend you use this keyboard before using one of them above this is an awesome keyboard in terms of feature and built-quality with the very low price range than are providing you an aluminum body of the keyboard and still a very lightweight keyboard. this is a complete USB keyboard it also has window key lock mode so you can be free from there as well if you keep pressing the window key while playing and also has a full N key Rollover with 100% Anti-ghosting and if we talk about the price of Corsair K60 RGB Mechanical Keyboard is 7999rs.


So I have Told you about the Top 5 Gaming Keyboards 2023 you can pick one of them completely depending on your budget and your choice as well but my favorite is the Corsair K60 RGB Mechanical Keyboard and the reason is I am getting all the features in a very low price with RGB so I will go for this one but it is true as well that if you spend more you will get more that is also a factor. So carefully look into it so be sure while purchasing any of them. if you need any suggestions then please let me know in the comment box and if you are using please give reviews in the comment box so that others as well know about these products.

Top 5 Gaming and Streaming Monitor for Esports Player 2023

Top 5 Gaming Monitor For ESports Players and Streamers 2023

Hello, Guys So today I will tell you about Best Gaming Monitor so that you can improve your gaming by getting any of them from the Top 5 Gaming Monitor 2023. this is a very important thing what you see on your PC and how much latency you are getting at if you using an old monitor if you switch in any of then you will defiantly gonna feel the difference at that time monitor coming with 1ms to 0.5ms that is really great with having a good refresh rate of you monitor gonna provide you a good experience of gaming and if you are playing then you can also stream with this monitor together there is no need to another monitor for that these are complete beast Monitor for Gaming but first I will tell you the name of all the monitors and then I will tell you the price and specifications and the prices as well for all the gaming monitors so that you will able to choose any one of them for your gaming and streaming so here we are with the Top 5 Gaming Monitor 2023.

Top 5 Gaming and Streaming Monitors 2023

In this, I going to tell you a list of all the Top 5 Gaming and Streaming monitors you can choose any one of then it completely depends on you who you want to go with this or if you are not satisfied with you want something else it completely depends upon you I have filtered these top 5 gaming monitor by comparing with more than 50 monitors and I got only these 5 that is the best and gives you an ultimate performance of gaming.

  1. Alienware 27″ FHD Gaming Monitor
  2. BenQ Zowie XL2566K Esports Gaming Monitor
  3. Asus Rog Swift Esports IPS Gaming Monitor
  4. Samsung Odyssey G7 Gaming Monitor 
  5. LG Ultragear Pivot Gaming Monitor

So Above these are the list of Top 5 Gaming Monitor in 2023 now I will tell you the specification and features of these gaming monitors I will tell you each and everything about all the monitors and if we talk about the price range of these monitors are so I can that it might be between 70,000 to 24,000. I always do that by covering this huge price range from very high to low so that everyone must have fun while playing any game on his computer. so scroll down to see all features of the Best Gaming Monitor also let me know if anyone is fit for you in the comment box.

Best Gaming and Streaming Monitor Features and Specifications 

  • Alienware 27″ FHD Gaming Monitor

So this is a 240Hz gaming monitor that comes with Adaptive sync and is Flicker-free we talk the resolution of this Alienware 27″ FHD Gaming Monitor is 1920×1080 and the Aspect Ratio is 16:9 the most amazing thing about this monitor is it supports 16.8millions of colors and talk about the main thing response time so it is 1ms gray to gray complete flicker-free and also you can adjust the high of the monitor according to your comfort and if you look on the price of Alienware 27″ FHD Gaming Monitor is Rs69000.

  • BenQ Zowie XL2566K Esports Gaming Monitor

This is a BenQ Zowie XL2566K Esports Gaming Monitor this is a complete package of everything it gives you a 360Hz refresh rate Monitor with motion clarity it also has a DyAc+TM XL setting to shareTM very durable and this is a proper gaming monitor you will have everything in this like motion clarity with good sharpness color mode by game title give you very smooth gameplay if you an FPS game player then you must have this machine this is really beast monitor if I talk about the price of BenQ Zowie XL2566K Esports Gaming Monitor is Rs54,990.

  • Asus Rog Swift Esports IPS Gaming Monitor

So this is a 360hz pg259Qnr Esports Gaming monitor this one is my personal favorite you can go for this if you have the same budget as this price it’s very difficult to find this Asus Rog Swift Esports IPS Gaming Monitor and if we see on the screen size is 1920×1080 and also comes with an NVIDIA Gsync processor on the monitor for good performance it also has an intelligent cooling system and Asus Fast IPS technology which provide you 1ms response time for sharp gaming visuals like APEX legend or Valorant any these kind of games. if we talk about the price of the Asus Rog Swift Esports IPS Gaming Monitor is Rs53,990.

  • Samsung Odyssey G7 Gaming Monitor

SAMSUNG 32-inch Odyssey G7 Gaming Monitor this is a gaming monitor you can easily buy from Samsung official or from Amazon as well and if we talk about Specification about SAMSUNG 32-inch Odyssey G7 Gaming Monitor is 240Hz, 1ms, 2k, Curved Monitor, HAS, WQHD, QLED, HDR600, G-Sync Compatible, 2560 x 1440 Pixel Black Monitor and the price for this is ₹49,499.00 in India and price in USA is $799.

  • LG Ultragear Pivot Gaming Monitor

This is a mid-range gaming monitor LG Ultragear Pivot Gaming Monitor which gives you a 27Gp Full HD monitor we talk the refresh rate of this monitor is 240Hz with NVIDIA Gsync compatibility and we look at the pixels so it is 1920 X 1080 high monitor is adjustable as well you play any game in this monitor in HDR as well also it is the very premium monitor in this price range and if you look on the price of this LG Ultragear Pivot Gaming Monitor is Rs23,500.


So these were the all Top 5 Gaming Monitor for Esports players in 2023 try any one of them trust me you will feel the difference then are pure gaming beast monitors will full of features FHD UHD more than 300hz refresh rate gaming modes with good clarity a very good price range if I have to select any one then I would go for BenQ Zowie XL2566K Esports Gaming Monitor this is the machine I always wanted when I play any game trust me have everything in this monitor so if you have a budget of around 50k then definitely go for this machine and also if you need any kind of help while picking any monitor then please let me know in the comment box I will surely help you out and also if anyone using it then you can also share the experience in the comment box.  

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