Businesses That Can Benefit From 3D Printing

by Editor on December 20, 2013

3d print.The manufacturing world is becoming more familiar with the benefits of 3D printing, with such well-known brands as Nokia and Coca-Cola making use of the technology today.

If you are in one of the following businesses, you may want to transform your operations with the assistance of 3D printing:

Medical research

Scientists have already used 3D-printing techniques to create functioning prosthetics, detailed human tissue and even collagen ears.

It may only be a matter of time before replica organs and bones are possible via the technology, thus improving how surgeries are planned and researched.

Construction industry

According to a recently published infographic, plans are being put in place to build a two-storey house in concrete using 3D printing technology sometime in the next 12 months.

Car manufacturing

Again detailed in the infographic, engineers have managed to produce a hybrid car using 3D printing techniques.

The fact that it is estimated to achieve 100 miles per gallon in a city means that the vehicle has the potential to be much more economical than many cars on the market today.


In the past, those in research and development (R&D) would have to produce a working version of their product before determining whether the design is functional or not.

No longer is this the case though: rapid prototyping machines can be used, such as by seeking the services of Omega Plastics, to create 3D versions of new mobile phones, tablet computers and watches.

However, Erol Gunduz, a professor from New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies, believes that 3D printing means that R&D has the potential to expand into many more industries.

He acknowledged to Business News Daily: “While 3D visualisation technologies have been used in the past within various fields, such as engineering and scientific agendas; many artistic and consumer product industries, such as fashion design and jewellery design, are beginning to take advantage of 3D printing systems.”

photo by: Sarah Jane

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