5 Handy Tips For iPhone Users

by Admin on April 8, 2014

As iPhone sales continue to soar, developers incessantly provide new software and applications for users to sink their teeth into. With each new update, handy tricks and tips become available and these little hacks can go a long way into making life far more convenient for the user. So, for those looking to improve their iPhone experience in any way possible, check out these five iPhone tips:

iPhone 5Hidden Characters

Starting off with a rather simple trick, one that may seem easy to access but causes problems every time it’s required, we’ll look at how to find hidden characters. When typing out text, certain characters, such as accents and other punctuation marks, can be found by holding a certain letter. For an accent over the ‘a’, press down on the letter and scroll along the list that comes up to complete the process.

Screen Orientation

When you rotate your phone, the screen will rotate with the movement to give you the accurate view. By bringing up the control board (by swiping upwards on your phone or double-tapping the Home button), you bring up the command list and the Lock Orientation button is the circular arrow. This will keep the screen upright, perfect for when being used at an angle or playing a game which doesn’t require rotation.

Stop Music

For some, listening to music whilst trying to sleep is a soothing method, but, once asleep, there’s no way to turn the music off. By clicking on the iPhone’s Clock app and heading to the section labelled Timer, you can scroll down to the bottom and hit Stop Playing and, when the timer runs down the amount of time you have already set, the music you’ve been playing will fade out.

Maximise Battery

This isn’t so much a trick as there are a plethora of ways to maximise your battery power, but, by downloading the Battery Doctor app, you’ll be given a full status of your battery life as well as ways to optimise it (turn down brightness, disable Wi-Fi etc) as well as other details about your system usage, allowing you full control over your iPhone’s content as well as the broadband being used.


This is a tip that most will be familiar with by now, thanks to its popularity and general ease and convenience. To take a screenshot of absolutely anything that appears on your frame, you need to hold down the lock screen and Home button, allowing the camera to snap whatever’s lying in front of you. The picture will then be automatically stored with the rest of your saved images for future use

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4 Trends Shaping Consumer Electronics

by Editor on January 28, 2014

Wi-FI Alliance LogoConsumer electronics has been a profitable industry since the earliest tech gadgets made their way to the mainstream market. As manufacturers develop increasingly sophisticated and cost-effective ways to create gadgets practical for home use, prices become affordable for the average consumer and gadgets gain mass adoption. The cycle repeats itself for practically every new technology developed. Here’s a look at a few of the current and upcoming trends in consumer electronics that are beginning to cross the threshold.

Wi-Fi-enabled devices

Remember the painfully slow dial-up Internet connections of days gone by? Many of today’s students have never seen a monochrome computer monitor, let alone have to bear with the snail’s pace of a dial-up connection on a regular basis. As the lines between work and play blur, society demands constant connectivity to stay on top of business and keep in touch with friends and family no matter where they’re trekking or what they’re doing.

A Wi-Fi-enabled microwave might seem silly today, but in a few years, homes will be equipped with Wi-Fi-enabled refrigerators, televisions and even rice cookers as the norm. Companies like LG are already moving in this direction – 70 percent of LG televisions introduced in 2013 are Internet-ready, for instance.

Gadgets help manage health and fitness

Health and fitness is another booming industry, and it’s taking a cue from the electronics field with the invention of a variety of consumer electronics gadgets that help the average person stay healthier and get fit. From monitoring vital signs to managing a comprehensive weight-loss campaign, health tech is taking the world by storm and even promoting the rise in remote monitoring capabilities and services through home health care and other providers.

One of the simplest examples is the smart bathroom scale, a Wi-Fi-enabled device that connects with an application (accessible from any Internet-enabled device, natch). There are tons of capabilities, such as charting your weight loss or gain over time, sending your information to your healthcare provider, nutritionist or anyone else you want to have access, and even providing calorie counts and recommendations for the right foods for a balanced diet that will help you achieve your goals. Withings was one of the first manufacturers to introduce this gadget, but there are now a few companies in on the mix.

More sophisticated user interfaces

Consumer electronics spanning any ancillary industry are getting more sophisticated in their functionality, and that means a more complex set of controls for the user. That’s why user interface design has become such a critical field in the electronics space. Moving from buttons and knobs to virtual keyboards, touchscreens and gestures, there are tons of options in user interface design today.

Membrane switches, the core component of many user interfaces, provide a slew of options to device manufacturers who want to create a unique interface that provides a level of sophistication to drive consumer interest while maintaining usability. This is one area in which there’s a fine line between over-simplification and too much complexity. Consumers want advanced electronics with a sophisticated, comprehensive look, but they also demand intuitive interfaces.

Eye trackers and motion sensors change the user experience

Consumers are rapidly adopting new technologies that make smart gadgets even smarter, such as motion sensors and eye-tracking technology that enables users to interact with electronics in more realistic ways. These gadgets are capable of detecting the user’s location, as well as incorporating different known facts about the user to customize the user experience.

Gadgets like home gaming systems are the prominent adopters of this type of technology. The Xbox Kinect and the Wii gaming console are good examples, enabling users to control virtual characters by moving physical parts of their bodies in more realistic ways to mimic the actions that would occur in a real-world scenario. This is positioning gaming systems, once used only for recreational purposes, as a valuable tool in both fitness and therapy settings. Even senior living communities are using gaming systems to encourage physical activity among residents and provide more sophisticated and engaging activities.

These four trends represent just a few of the ways the consumer electronics industry is growing and maturing rapidly. The technology that’s making its way into the average home is astounding compared to what was available just a decade or two ago. In a few years, the average consumer will be interacting with and using home electronics gadgets in ways never thought possible.

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